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When you first start working with your interior designer, he or she is going to ask you some questions to help get an idea of what your style preferences are. If you’re not quite sure what you like or what you don’t like regarding home decor, it can be helpful to spend some time finding … Read more: Define Your Interior Design Style Before Hiring a Designer

Traditional Living Room

The right sofa not only gives your living room a sense of comfort, but it also ties together the look of the whole room. When picking a sofa, we recommend following these tips: Stick with neutral colors. Since a couch will last for many years, you don’t want to choose a floral print or geometric … Read more: Chrisicos Interiors’ Luxury Sofa Buying Guide


One way to ensure your master bedroom looks dramatic and attractive is to make the bed the focal point of the room. By choosing your other furniture and decor with this in mind, you can direct all of the attention straight to the bed. Here are a few tips to get you started. Minimize clutter. … Read more: How to Create a Focal Point in Your Bedroom


Ladders were¬†intended to be¬†used as tools, but they can also function as a unique addition to your interior design. One new interior design trend has homeowners decorating with ladders, leaning them against walls and other items either to create a shelf-like unit or to add ambiance to your space. Here’s a look at five easy … Read more: 5 Effortless Ways to Decorate With Leaning Ladders

Candles on table

Candles can add an element of luxury to most any room. With custom candles, you can select the colors, shapes and embellishments that coordinate best with your decor. Chrisicos Interiors is proud to announce we now offer custom candles in our luxury design showroom. We spent many hours looking for just the right candle manufacturer … Read more: The Chrisicos Showroom Now Offers Luxury Candles for the Home

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The flicker of candlelight can add ambiance to any space. Even when they’re not lit, candles are a relaxing, comforting accent to your decor. There are endless ways to display them in your room. These tips will help as you start decorating with candles. If you plan on lighting the candles, make sure you spread … Read more: Illuminated Living: Add a Touch of Charm With Candlelight