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Are you looking for ways to give your ultra high-end home one final “pop” or appeal? Adding a touch of texture can do the trick. Texture helps tie a look together, as it gives the eye another dimension — on top of color — to focus on. Here are a few ways to add texture … Read more: How to Add Texture for That Final Touch in Your Luxury Home


When guests arrive at your home, the entryway is the first thing they see. This means opening the door to a stunningly designed foyer that really exemplifies the overall theme while welcoming visitors into warmth and comfort. Here are a few tips and ideas to keep in mind when designing your entryway. Consider multiple perspectives: … Read more: Bring Your Home’s Interior Design Together with a Stunning Entrance

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A layered rug in your home decor is a brilliant way to change the look and feel of your space. Rugs can add a sense of coziness to your home and also add a pop of color. However, as an interior designer, I also understand the importance of picking the right rug material to match … Read more: Rugology 101: How to the Pick the Right Rug Material for Your Style

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Interior design is always changing; new concepts are introduced and new trends help spark creativity. Keep your eyes out for these 2016 interior design trends as you plan your next home project. Mineral Decor and Embellishments From polished geodes to pyrite, minerals are quite stylish this year. Consider displaying a pyrite bowl on your dining … Read more: 6 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2016

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When you first get married and move in together, there are a lot of things you need to combine — including your interior design tastes. Chrisicos Interiors was recently asked by Boston Magazine to provide some advice for newlyweds decorating their homes. Here are a few of those tips to help you combine your styles … Read more: Tips for Newlyweds: How to Combine Your Interior Design Styles

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On March 12th, 2015, a beautiful visionary in the field of architecture was laid to rest. Michael Graves, a Professor of Architecture Emeritus at Princeton University, passed away from natural causes at the age of 80. This dedicated educator and designer will not soon be forgotten, for his memory lives on in his contributions to … Read more: Michael Graves Influence Lives on in his Interior Design Styles