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We all want our homes to look the best while suiting our needs and taste preferences. But too often, this is coupled with a need to keep up with each trend as it arises. In addition to being expensive and time-consuming, this approach can lead to your home being a mismatch of styles, looking nothing … Read more: How to Design a Space That is Timeless

pop of color

During many of my projects in Boston and Manhattan, I often have to get creative with tight spaces, creating a room that is both functional and visually appealing. With any room, creating a sense of unity is important, but you also want a part of the space to stand out above the rest. This element … Read more: Focal Point Design Tips in The Boston Courant

How to Choose an Interior Designer for Your Home Project

Like most people, you are probably pressed for time.¬†Between work, civic obligations, and possibly dealing with kids, decorating your home is something that is always getting ignored. You might have considered hiring an interior designer for your home, but you worried about the cost or about the designer’s style not matching your own. If you … Read more: How to Choose an Interior Designer for Your Home Project


2014 interior decor trends are set to make your home sparkle and shine. If you are ready to give your home the golden touch, now might be the time to bring the Midas touch to a few things¬†in each room. Gold and brass accents draw attention and attract good things into your life. From gold … Read more: Vintage Gold and Brass Make a Comeback in Interior Design


Luxury interior design is a combination of class and flair that you appreciate for the way it makes you feel. It’s about reflecting your personality in an authentic way that people notice and respect. When it comes to the elements you use to accomplish the look and feel you desire, it’s important to remember to … Read more: How Knockoff Purchases Harm Luxury Interior Design


Houseplants and other indoor greenery are always an excellent choice when you are looking for ways to liven up the interior of your home without making dramatic changes to the decor. Not only are plants, both live and artificial, a lovely addition, but live plants have other benefits besides aesthetic appeal. They help filter and … Read more: Modern Trends in Faux Greenery for Your Transitional Design