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Are you looking for ways to give your ultra high-end home one final “pop” or appeal? Adding a touch of texture can do the trick. Texture helps tie a look together, as it gives the eye another dimension — on top of color — to focus on. Here are a few ways to add texture … Read more: How to Add Texture for That Final Touch in Your Luxury Home

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Hiring the right interior designer not only guarantees your home will be decorated according to your preferences, but it also guarantees the process is smoother and more enjoyable. Look for these qualities, which indicate an interior designer is top-notch in the trade. Enthusiasm: Hire a designer who is excited to work with you and transform … Read more: How to Spot a Great Interior Designer

Color Theory 101 Effects of Light On Your Painted Walls

Light and color are inextricably linked, and people tend to remember this just until they paint a room or change a light fixture. Then you very often hear exclamations such as “It looked different in the store!” It is not enough to know that light and color are linked. You also need to understand how … Read more: Color Theory 101: Effects of Light On Your Painted Walls