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designing with gumwood

In this photo below, you’ll notice the second design challenge in my series on interior design for older homes. Here, my challenge was incorporating┬áthe existing, stained trim and molding into my modern interior design. Since this is an older home, the trim is made of gumwood. Gumwood, which features a lovely, soft tone and a … Read more: How to Incorporate Old Home Trim in Modern Interior Design

tips for designing small rooms

In the final post on my series on interior design for older homes, let’s look at interior design tips for small rooms. My elegant dining room, pictured below, makes use of every surface to create drama and sophistication, but for many homeowners, creating this kind of impact in a small room can be a design … Read more: Tips to Turn a Small Room Into a Grand Living Space

playroom copy

Take a look at what you’re wearing today. Does your outfit pop with color? Now take a look at your home interiors. Are your favorite colors reflected in this space, too? If not, it’s time to explore the options and create a harmonious living space with bolder colors that paint the story of who you … Read more: How to Saturate Your Home Interiors with Bold Colors

vintage gold

After many years of rising popularity, it looks like nickel-plated pieces are about to take a back seat to some even more stylish finishes. Of all the interior design trends of 2014, these new finishes are definitely worth taking a look at. Copper – Copper has always had a special allure to it, and designers … Read more: Out With the Nickel, in With the New Metal Trends for 2014

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has a brand new, spring lineup of color trends for 2014 that are slated to become the new neutrals in interior paint. Slightly more bold than standard pastels, these colors consist of light, muted blues; peach; lavender; and other soft, yet colorful, paints. This shift to a more colorful palette brings a cheerful, … Read more: New Neutrals: Benjamin Moore’s 2014 Color Trends

drapery panels on high ceilings

Drapery panels are the frame to a room, the final touch for a polished look and the love of my life. These flowing additions not only provide practical interior design solutions to a space but also make grand statements; they can be the difference between a pretty room and a well-appointed room. When it comes … Read more: Benefits of Drapery Panel Decor, the Love of My Life