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integrating music

Many of us have a family heirloom, that spinet upright piano that was passed down, and visions of your child taking piano lessons at that black piano or mahogany upright. You do not need a separate room to incorporate your musical heirloom into your interiors. When you are designing and planning your space with a … Read more: Designing and Space Planning for Pianos Without Music Rooms

Coral Pillow

Beach decor does not have to look kitschy or tacky. Elegant beach decor, which incorporates elements of the coast with more elegant patterns and colors, is gaining popularity in interior design. One of the hallmarks of this decorating scheme is coral — both the color and the natural pattern. The Color Coral Coral has a … Read more: Elegant Beach Decor: Designing With Coral-Inspired Details


Time is money, and the less time you have to spend decorating your home, the more money you will save. When you hire a professional interior designer near Boston, you know you are hiring someone with the skills and experience to keep your project on track and on budget. The best reason to hire a professional … Read more: Hiring a Professional Interior Designer Can Save You Money

vintage gold

After many years of rising popularity, it looks like nickel-plated pieces are about to take a back seat to some even more stylish finishes. Of all the interior design trends of 2014, these new finishes are definitely worth taking a look at. Copper – Copper has always had a special allure to it, and designers … Read more: Out With the Nickel, in With the New Metal Trends for 2014


When it comes to the kitchen desk or the  home office, we all want a space (or even better, a separate room) to organize everything that life throws our way. We want a place for the school papers, the schedules, the pencils, recipes, and collections, and all within easy reach near the kitchen. I would like … Read more: Design Solutions for a Polished, Organized Kitchen Desk


Modern interior design is not often described as both modern and comfortable, but the two design ideas can bind together quite well. A room or home can be designed as both refreshingly modern and sparse, as well as approachable and livable (exciting and welcome). One thing I do well, and that transitional design does very well, is combine the … Read more: Making Modern Interior Design Comfortable