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Faux fur isn’t just for scarves and coats anymore. One of the hottest 2016 interior design trends is using faux fur in decor and accessories. This soft attention-grabbing material adds a luxurious, yet cozy feel to any space. Here are a few ideas to help you integrate it into your home. Leather and Faux Fur … Read more: Meet Interior Design’s New Popular Accessory Faux Fur


Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design, but it’s not just where the lighting is placed that matters — it is also the fixtures from which it emerges. When decorating with lamps, it’s important to choose a lamp shade that conveys the proper sense of balance. Keep these transitional home design … Read more: How to Pick Lampshades for Your Transitional Home

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

I firmly believe that using international design trends adds a special flair to your home. Taking a closer look at current styles from different regions of the world, here are some interesting facts I found exploring Mexico, Italy, France, and Sweden: Traditionally, those living in Mexico prefer wood or ceramic tile floors to carpets. They … Read more: Design Your Home With International Influences: Part One

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When designing a home, many homeowners believe they need to choose between two basic types of decor: a trendy style that will soon be out of fashion or a timeless design┬áthat’s never out of fashion but remains a bit bland. However, what’s not obvious is the third and better option – timely interior design. A … Read more: Should Your Interior Design Be Timeless or Timely?

Bring Styles from Kemble Inn Into Your Home Decor

Located in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, Kemble Inn is beautifully decorated with a blend of modern and traditional decor, creating feelings of warmth and comfort. At Chrisicos Interiors, we’ve helped clients bring elements from this beautifully designed inn into their own homes, creating spaces that are modern yet still warm and inviting. Kemble Inn’s design … Read more: Bring Styles from Kemble Inn Into Your Home Decor

Did You Know Black Isn't On The Color Palette

If you ask most people to make a list of colors, black is most always included on the list. In actuality, black is not really a color; it does not have a place on the color palette. Rather, black is the absence of color. This is important to remember when you are choosing colors for … Read more: Did You Know Black Isn’t On The Color Palette?