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Time is money, and the less time you have to spend decorating your home, the more money you will save. When you hire a professional interior designer near Boston, you know you are hiring someone with the skills and experience to keep your project on track and on budget. The best reason to hire a professional … Read more: Hiring a Professional Interior Designer Can Save You Money


There are plenty of interior design ideas that you can incorporate into your home that will either open up or close off your rooms as you’d like. Among these, plantation shutters are a popular window treatment that can be used either way. On one hand, plantation shutters add a visually appealing touch to any room … Read more: Design Dilemmas: The Pros and Cons of Window Shutters


Modern interior design is not often described as both modern and comfortable, but the two design ideas can bind together quite well. A room or home can be designed as both refreshingly modern and sparse, as well as approachable and livable (exciting and welcome). One thing I do well, and that transitional design does very well, is combine the … Read more: Making Modern Interior Design Comfortable

Beach Style Bedroom by Orange County Closet & Home Storage Designers Tara Bussema – Neat Organization and Design I’m thrilled with the 2014 interior decor trends, notably the transitional mixing of embroidery styles. A stimulating free-for-all of Moroccan, to Mexican, to antique crewelwork is making this a rich, eclectic look: Elle Decor highlights Jamie Young’s … Read more: Eclectic Interior Design: Mixing Embroidery Styles in 2014


As a professional dealing with high-end interior design near Boston, I view the relationship between the homeowner and the designer as a project partnership. One of the things I love about transitional decor is the creativity and flexibility it affords, especially during the process of making tough decisions. By communicating well with the homeowner, I … Read more: Tips for Tough Decisions in the Interior Design Process


Hiring an interior designer can sometimes be out of reach for individuals that function on a tight budget, so I’m here to help you arrange your home like a professional in no time at all. Today, I am going to discuss the interior design concept of rhythm and how you can achieve rhythm in your … Read more: The Rhythm of Interior Design, Part 1: Themes with Shapes