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Planning your interior design project involves a lot more than picking out your favorite curtains and color scheme. Behind the design decisions and artistic interpretations are a need for timeliness, proper scheduling and top-notch communication. At Chrisicos Interiors, one of our primary goals is to make planning your interior design project as seamless and straightforward … Read more: Chrisicos Interiors Helps You Plan the Perfect Interior Design Project

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Well-designed furniture is not only attractive, but also made to withstand the rigors of everyday use. For your next interior design project, we highly recommend selecting furniture from A. Rudin, a Los Angeles-based furniture designer with collections that transcend current trends to add timeless appeal and a sense of luxury to any space. A. Rudin … Read more: Find Well Crafted Furniture at A. Rudin for Your Next Interior Design Project

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Adding a dining area to your transitional kitchen is not the hardest interior design challenge you’ll face. However, there are a few things to consider if you want it to fit with your home’s overall theme. Here are a few pointers to help you: To fit into a transitional home, a dining area can contain either contemporary … Read more: Tips for Adding a Dining Area in Your Transitional Kitchen

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When choosing paint for a room, the focus is often solely on color and finish. However, there are many other intriguing aspects when considering the best paint for a job. Chrisicos Interiors had the pleasure of attending a Benjamin Moore presentation event at the Boston Design Center, where we learned extensively about the chemistry behind paint … Read more: Benjamin Moore Presentation: Understanding Paint Chemistry for a Better Outcome