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playroom copy

I love to help my clients realize their interior design dreams. Almost all of us desire and need a functional, aesthetically-pleasing storage space, and the well-designed and thought-out, built-in cabinet pictured at the right fulfills both purposes. The open storage with fixed shelves for strength puts everything within easy reach. Although this particular cabinet pulled … Read more: Functional and Aesthetic Storage Solutions for Interiors


In my years of interior design experience in Boston, I’ve helped clients from all walks of life create the home or pied-à-terre of their dreams. Many of the homes I’ve designed needed to accommodate the kids, too, and clients  constantly think they need to forgo their modern interior design vision in lieu of the little … Read more: My Top 5 Tips for Modern Interior Design for Families


Modern, luxury interior design often revolves around grand rooms, formal dining rooms and magnificent entries, but when you’re designing for a family, a space for kids to play can be quite a luxury for your home. Carve out a space or entire room for kids to be kids, unleash creativity and arrange their toys. Ample, … Read more: Designing For Families: Playroom Decorating Ideas

bedroom furniture plans

While my own modest bedroom (pictured below) is perfectly square, I decided to do something different with my bedroom furniture layout by placing the bed on an angle. Even small rooms can handle the floating, angled bed and still feel generous and roomy. I absolutely love the queen-size bed set on a diagonal. This unique … Read more: Rethink Your Bedroom Layout With an Angled Bed

interior design color trends

Color palettes are just as important in interior design as the furniture and accessories you choose or the layout of your room. It creates focal points, continuity and contrast, and it even colors your mood. Here are some of my favorite tips on using color in interior design: In my city condo project, referenced by … Read more: My Favorite Interior Design Tips for Color Palettes

decorating with radiators

Every space presents its own design challenges, and in my own home, careful consideration was required to design around an old-fashioned radiator . However, just like a stylist knows how to pull a look together that fits their body type, I knew just how to make this unique quirk a part of my elegant interior design. … Read more: Decorating Around Radiators in Older Homes