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Blue Tao Lounge Chair

If you’re looking for stylish seating to add to your transitional home, the Tao lounge chair is a lovely choice. It invokes memories of a Duralee piece used in a recent project. I love how its sophisticated style integrates with a transitional living space. The way that the Tao lounge chair uses negative space between … Read more: Bring the Tao Lounge Chair into your Transitional Home

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Well-designed furniture is not only attractive, but also made to withstand the rigors of everyday use. For your next interior design project, we highly recommend selecting furniture from A. Rudin, a Los Angeles-based furniture designer with collections that transcend current trends to add timeless appeal and a sense of luxury to any space. A. Rudin … Read more: Find Well Crafted Furniture at A. Rudin for Your Next Interior Design Project

Living room with built-in shelfing

Furniture should not just look stylish; it should also serve your lifestyle well. Built-in furniture is a great choice for many homeowners who like a light, spacious-feeling home. Even large built-in furniture can have a clean, simple, minimalist feel that can make your home more relaxing. Here’s a look at four other ways built-in furniture … Read more: Create Storage that Fits Your Boston Lifestyle With Built-Ins

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Have you ever walked into a room that just felt incredibly balanced? Chances are, whoever designed that room relied on ratios in order to ensure the space was aesthetically pleasing. The Golden Ratio, which is exactly 1:1.61, appears over and over again in nature. It has been used be designers for centuries. Even the Greeks … Read more: Use the Golden Ratio to Plan Your Back Bay Interior Design


In September, I attended Maison & Objet Paris, an international trade fair that focuses on lifestyle and decorating trends. The styles presented at the event were breathtaking and forward-thinking. They can shine some light on trends that may soon be emerging in the American markets. In general terms, the Maison & Objet trends leaned towards … Read more: My Thoughts on the Trends from Maison & Objet Paris 2015


Hiring an interior designer can sometimes be out of reach for individuals that function on a tight budget, so I’m here to help you arrange your home like a professional in no time at all. Today, I am going to discuss the interior design concept of rhythm and how you can achieve rhythm in your … Read more: The Rhythm of Interior Design, Part 1: Themes with Shapes