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Ladders were intended to be used as tools, but they can also function as a unique addition to your interior design. One new interior design trend has homeowners decorating with ladders, leaning them against walls and other items either to create a shelf-like unit or to add ambiance to your space. Here’s a look at five easy … Read more: 5 Effortless Ways to Decorate With Leaning Ladders

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Concrete may not sound like the ideal material for decorating your luxury home, but there are many creative ways to integrate it into your design. The texture, strength and versatility of concrete work in its favor. Here are five ideas for concrete design in Boston. Planters Concrete planters are wonderful for holding anything from a … Read more: 5 Innovative Ways to Decorate With Concrete in Your Luxury Home

Add Character to Your Home with Patterned Flooring

A large part of interior design is achieving the right proportions. Scale and proportionality have a huge impact on the way a room feels and how you interact within. Sometimes making just small tweaks to the relative size of items can make a place feel entirely more balanced and inviting. As you embark on your … Read more: 4 Ways to Plan the Right Proportions for Your Interior Design Project

Table with lamp and book

Books give any room a warm, inviting appeal. Stacked neatly on a coffee table, books give guests some insight into your interests and add a personalized touch. As an award-winning interior designer, I have always enjoyed decorating with books and using them in my photo shoots. It’s invigorating to discover new ways to incorporate my … Read more: Incorporate Books Into Your Boston Home Decor


Houseplants and other indoor greenery are always an excellent choice when you are looking for ways to liven up the interior of your home without making dramatic changes to the decor. Not only are plants, both live and artificial, a lovely addition, but live plants have other benefits besides aesthetic appeal. They help filter and … Read more: Modern Trends in Faux Greenery for Your Transitional Design

kitchen desk decor

As an interior designer, I have great appreciation for the kitchen desk. It’s a necessary 21st century workplace and crucial to most households, where the chef can quickly reference cookbooks and online recipes. The desk area in this photo is part of an open kitchen and dining area, but I still define its individual space … Read more: How to Incorporate the Kitchen Desk in Your Interior Design