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Kathie In Studio

Boston becomes a different city during the summer months. With the annual student exodus, the streets and natural scenes open up and allow for the freedom to explore areas like the Public Garden, just moments from our Park Plaza showroom. Earlier in May, the studio hosted our Park Plaza neighbors, M. Steinert & Sons Pianos … Read more: June 2017 Newsletter


Transitional interior design in Boston is on the rise, especially in kitchens. To give your kitchen a look that walks the line between classic and modern, start by including these five elements: Natural Surfaces Natural materials are widely used in transitional kitchens. Granite, limestone and marble all make lovely countertops, both in terms of appearance … Read more: 5 Elements That Make a Stunning Transitional Kitchen

Use Timeless, Contemporary Light Fixtures in Your Design

Lighting is an essential part of any room design. It completes a room and sets different moods that complement the room’s purpose. Adding contemporary light fixtures to your transitional design creates a fresh look without making it lose its timeless elegance. I used these contemporary lighting trends in Manhattan and Newton Victorian projects to develop a … Read more: Use Timeless, Contemporary Light Fixtures in Your Design

Entryway to a luxury home, interior design by Chrisicos Interiors

If you are planning on revamping the look of your foyer, remodeling your whole house, or you just want a few ideas on foyer design, you should take the exterior color of your house into consideration when designing your foyer’s look and feel. Our full-service designers can help you achieve a more harmonious balance between the … Read more: Should You Consider Your Home’s Exterior Color When Designing the Foyer?

4 Reasons You Should Invest in Artwork for Your Home

You might have a few pieces of art hanging on the walls of your home, but have you truly considered investing in quality pieces for your home? Investing in art for your home has several benefits, least of which is the fact that you’ll eventually have a beautiful and valuable collection of high-end work to showcase in … Read more: 4 Reasons You Should Invest in Artwork for Your Home