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Traditional Living Room

When you have an open floor plan, it’s important to use furnishings to create various zones throughout. Within your floor plan, you should create multiple seating areas so guests naturally congregate and the area feels balanced. When designing for an open floor plan, keep these seating area tips in mind. Use something concrete to divide … Read more: How to Design Multiple Seating Areas in an Open Floor Plan


If you love transitional design with hints of crafty, artistic appeal, then you’re going to enjoy decorating with Passementerie. Pronounced “pass-mon-tree,” this decorative edging looks lovely on everything from curtains to pillow shams. Here’s a closer look. What is passementerie? Put simply, passementerie is trim. It comes in a lot of different varieties, from woven … Read more: Everything You Need to Know About Passementerie


I recently visited Porte de Clingancourt, a breathtaking Paris flea market that has the distinction of being the largest antique market in the world. The experience was second to none, with everything from the local ambiance to the remarkable variety of furnishings delighting my fancy and drawing out new inspirations. At the Porte de Clingancourt, I … Read more: Finding Inspiration at the Porte de Clignancourt Paris Flea Market

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In part two about adding international influences into your next home design project, I’ll explore styles and trends from Japan, China, India, and Kenya: In Japan, less is more, so keep furnishings and accessories to a minimum. For accessories, choose statement pieces with Oriental patterns in white, black, or red. The color palette also includes mint green, off-white, … Read more: Design Your Home With International Influences: Part Two

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I firmly believe that using international design trends adds a special flair to your home. Taking a closer look at current styles from different regions of the world, here are some interesting facts I found exploring Mexico, Italy, France, and Sweden: Traditionally, those living in Mexico prefer wood or ceramic tile floors to carpets. They … Read more: Design Your Home With International Influences: Part One

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The mood of a room is not just conveyed by the colors and patterns of your decor. The presence or absence of natural light in interior design also plays an important role in setting the mood and tone of a space. Natural lighting, when used appropriately, can make a space feel more open and welcoming. … Read more: How Does Natural Lighting Play a Role in Interior Design?