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Kosher kitchen design takes a bit more planning than regular kitchen design since items like sinks, stoves and sometimes even refrigerators need to be duplicated in order to allow for the separation of meat and dairy during preparation and cooking. You can make a kosher kitchen that feels luxurious and easy to navigate. Here are … Read more: Ways to Design Your Dream Kosher Kitchen in Boston

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Adding a dining area to your transitional kitchen is not the hardest interior design challenge you’ll face. However, there are a few things to consider if you want it to fit with your home’s overall theme. Here are a few pointers to help you: To fit into a transitional home, a dining area can contain either contemporary … Read more: Tips for Adding a Dining Area in Your Transitional Kitchen

kitchen desk decor

As an interior designer, I have great appreciation for the kitchen desk. It’s a necessary 21st century workplace and crucial to most households, where the chef can quickly reference cookbooks and online recipes. The desk area in this photo is part of an open kitchen and dining area, but I still define its individual space … Read more: How to Incorporate the Kitchen Desk in Your Interior Design

bar stools and counter seating

In my interior design experience, I’ve seen the kitchen progress more and more from a place just for cooking to an entertainment and gathering space, where ample seating is important. Bar stools at the island are a great way to add additional seating to the modern kitchen. Comfortable seating at the kitchen is great for … Read more: Adding Bar Stools and Counter Seating to Transitional Kitchens

transitional kitchens

I’ve always favored transitional style, which incorporates the comfort of traditional decor with the clean aesthetics of contemporary style. In recent years, including the latest trends for 2013, transitional design in the kitchen has become a hot topic according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. In the pictured interior design project, you can clearly … Read more: Transitional Design: A 2013 Kitchen Trend on Everyone’s Mind