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When you’re seeking interior design services and making decisions about your home decor, the difference between a good showroom visit and a great one often lies in the customer service. At Chrisicos Interiors, we dedicate ourselves to offering our customers helpful advice and guidance to help you find the best items and designs for your space. … Read more: Find Great Customer Service at the Chrisicos Showroom in Park Plaza

The Benefits of Luxury Turnkey Design Services

If you live in another city and will be moving into a new home in the Boston area, you might not have a lot of time to work hands-on with an interior designer and choose every furnishing and fixture. This is where turnkey design in Boston becomes a great choice. Turnkey design services are perfect … Read more: The Benefits of Luxury Turnkey Design Services

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The Pantone Color Institute has released their color palette trends for 2017, and it’s time to start thinking about how you can integrate them into your decor. Here’s a glance at our favorite 2017 color trends. Reminiscence: With shades like Maritime Blue, Sepia, and Rattan, this traditional pallet will make you feel like you’re stepping … Read more: Get a Sneak Peek at Pantone’s Color Palettes for 2017

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Kosher kitchen design takes a bit more planning than regular kitchen design since items like sinks, stoves and sometimes even refrigerators need to be duplicated in order to allow for the separation of meat and dairy during preparation and cooking. You can make a kosher kitchen that feels luxurious and easy to navigate. Here are … Read more: Ways to Design Your Dream Kosher Kitchen in Boston

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Even when you hire full design services in Boston, good interior design results emerge from collaboration between the designer and the client. Here are some elements that I try to emphasize when dealing with my clients at Chrisicos Interiors: Determine your communication mode – Email has taken the center stage as the number one communication channel, but don’t … Read more: How to Communicate Your Ideas With an Interior Designer

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Whether you like the industrial look or just want to add a few urban touches to your turnkey design, there are several ways to mix a metal finish into your next home design project. When mixing metal finishes, don’t overload the appearance. However, not using enough and your efforts may go unnoticed as other design elements can easily … Read more: How to Mix Metal Finishes in Interior Design