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When you are completing the traditional design scheme in your home with finishing touches like rugs, lamp shades, designer fixtures, and cabinet hardware, you don’t want to forget drapery headers to round out the look of your window dressings. Regardless of whether your window dressings are chosen purely for functional reasons, such as minimizing the … Read more: How to Pick Out Drapery Headers for Your Traditional Design

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One of the biggest up and coming 2016 interior design trends promises to be mixing and matching textures throughout the space. This trend has already become quite common. Here are a few tips to help you pull it off well. Consider the Category Items can be placed in various categories based on texture. There are … Read more: 2016 Design Trend: Mixing Textures in Your North Shore Home


Silk draperies and window treatments have been a desirable component of luxury interior design for centuries. I shared with New England Home magazine that I favor using natural fabrics like wool, hemp, crisp cotton, or nubby linen, and especially silk, my favorite material for windows. Nothing feels like silk. Here are some tips for creating gorgeous silk … Read more: Elevate Your Space with Luxury Silk Window Treatments